As The Governor checked in with The Shark Morning Show today I was curious as to how he handles the stress of being responsible for the health of nearly one and a half million Granite Staters. Within seconds, I was obsessing over General Tso's Chicken.

'I haven't been exercising as well as I should. I go through fits of not eating at all during the day and yesterday somebody brought me Chinese food and it was DELICIOUS and then after ...' - NH Governor Chris Sununu

At this point in the interview, I rudely interrupt as I was overtaken by curiosity as to what dish the Governor was enjoying. Sure enough, it was General Tso's Chicken.

I was thrilled by this because as you may know, this spicy and sweet culinary delight is my all time favorite.

I'm very intrigued by his description of the steamed vegetables that accompany the order at Tea Garden (184 N Main Street Concord NH) because, believe it or not, I think the finest versions of this delicacy have a generous helping of broccoli and sliced carrots.

I cannot even imagine being in his position at this most challenging and uncertain time and I'm thankful that he calls us and provides our listeners with his perspective as every new development unfolds.

AND he answers all my questions regarding menu items too!

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