Why did it take me FIVE years to try Katz's Deli on Ham Street in Dover? I'll have to make up for lost time and start raving immediately.

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Train Images

Behold! I believe the name of this is 'Cheeseburger with the Works' though I might be wrong. I think it should be called 'The Psychic Burger' because I didn't say one thing while ordering it and it is EXACTLY how I like it.

Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles, mayo, mustard, ketchup. I have said those toppings, in that order, approximately 7,000 times in my life and without fail, one of those toppings is missing. NOT TODAY!

At Katz's, I said nothing and everything was ideal. Even the burger itself was grilled just how I like it medium/medium well (medium wellish).

I also got a side order of fries that I devoured on the way back to the station. They were fresh and can best be described as the fattest shoestring fries I've ever had.


I will be back soon and visit them enough times to try their entire extensive menu that I was too excited to grab a copy of when I was there.

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