Not exactly the type of sign you'd expect to see on the side of a convenience store but, it does make a cogent point.

If it's hunting season and you're still all excited about finally taking down the 10 point buck of your dreams, that is STILL not an excuse to drag its bloody corpse across the parking lot.

Especially not at a place that sells ice cream and pizza!

There is no bigger fan of venison than myself, yet, the thought of walking through deer entrails on my way to pick up a large pepperoni is not that appetizing.

For those of you that want proof that this sign is legit, you can find it in Center Barnstead on Route 126 at White Buffalo Trading Post.

It appears you can get ANYTHING at this place including fudge, fishing licenses, ice cream and bullets!

This place was so cool to visit and might I add their pizza is OUTSTANDING!

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