C'mon now.  This is just not right.

According to a story from Foster's, someone intentionally dumped roofing nails, broken glass and trash directly on the gravel area boaters use to launch their kayaks at the Hillsdale Road Kayak launch just before the Cocheco River Paddle, a fundraiser for the Riverwalk project in Rochester, this past Saturday.  Luckily no one was injured.  Apparently, there are some people who are not happy about the project and they decided to try to sabotage efforts to raise money for it.

From what I read from the Foster's report, this is public land, so the people who are upset about the Riverwalk project have no right to be.  Even if they DID have a right, why would dumping nails, broken glass and trash be the answer?  People could have gotten seriously hurt.

I'm not sure why local residents would be upset about this.  My hometown of Nashua has a Riverwalk and it's lovely.  Everyone in the City gets to enjoy it.


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