After yesterday's games I knew that I had posted a great score (12-2) and thought for sure I'd draw closer to Sarah atop the U Pick Em Leaderboard. I was wrong.

She MATCHED that record and I'm starting to think that she is figuring things out and NOT just picking mascots and team uniform colors.

I'm happy to declare that the damage that I unleashed upon the UPE world was not without some positive movement.

For the first time in years, I'm in a tie for fifth place!

Congratulations to Tim Fulton who pitched an ACE thus far, going a perfect 14-0. I have to believe that Tim picked Pittsburgh to beat the LOWLY Miami Dolphins in tonight's game, but, you never know.

For those of you that love to laugh at Team Train and our disastrous 2019 season, laugh away! Hugh and I lost again on ANOTHER heartbreaking outcome as Houston beat Oakland.

Our pick, The Raiders, had lead nearly the entire game.

Team Sarah won their pick as well.

We are FOUR games behind them.


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