The stretch of Middle Road here in Dover in front of The Shark studios has just been beautified! Who ever did this, did such an amazing job that I feel compelled to shout my 'Thank You!' as loud as possible from this digital content rooftop.

Train Images
Train Images

For those of you that know my routine, every morning after the show I'll walk this stretch of road and back on what is referred to as 'Train's Very Short Walk'.

A few weeks ago, another crew worked this area as well, cutting back the brush and shrubs that had grown thick for the past few seasons.

They did a great job as well, but unfortunately, it exposed hundreds of bottles and cans that people (I'm assuming mostly underage kids because it was all beer and hard seltzer) have thrown out of their cars while driving by.

In addition to that, it also revealed two bags of dog waste that were hanging high up in the limbs of the remaining trees. Someone in this neighborhood took the effort to pick up after their dog, YET, instead of taking it home to the trash, fired it into the woods.

One green bag, one red one.

This resulted in two of the worst looking Holiday ornaments in the history of civilization.

But, thanks to my heroes, this amazing clean up crew, all of it is GONE.

No more broken glass, no more crushed and jagged cans and no more ornamental dog crap.

Thank You Three Huge Bags

All that remains are these three bags.

I'm assuming a crew of three must have worked this area as it would take one person days to do such a spectacular job as this.

I have no idea who you are or who you work for but I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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