Even at age 90, my Nana is extremely observant. She noticed that Alex Cora's cap appeared to be 'ragged' and 'threadbare' on the logo. Thankfully, we now have our Boston Sports Insider, Tom Caron, working on this curious case.

Boston Red Sox v Minnesota Twins
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During this morning's segment with TC, he hadn't noticed the three small sections that, sure enough, appear to be unraveled on that classic 'B' logo.

I myself hadn't noticed it until Nana mentioned it the other day and during the manager's one on one with TC on NESN, there that 'ragged' logo was, as plain as day.

I have since taken the featured image from above, magnified it, and sent that image to TC on our official Shark Morning Show/Boston Sports Insider Text Thread.

His response was both swift and decisive.

"Huh. Bet there's something else going on there. Lines going through it. I'll find out"


- Tom Caron, Boston Sports Insider and Newly Appointed Cap Investigator

My theory on the lines going through it? Is that it's just other threads that are part the unravelling.

My theory on why this IS unraveled? Is far more elementary.

The people employed in Major League Baseball are notoriously superstitious.

I bet that Cora was issued this hat at the beginning of the year and at some point, the logo began to unwind.

All the while, the team has been red hot, constantly flirting with the best record in all of baseball.

The last thing he's going to do is switch up his hat just because the logo is a little frayed.

Not while they're in first place!?

But I can't thank TC enough for doing his best in 'unravelling' this mystery for once and for all.

My Nana will be ever so pleased!

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