*SIGH* Don't you just love love? I find myself getting very invested in the love lives of complete strangers and I know I'm not the only one! Second Date Update is one of the most popular segments on our morning show. Hearing about other people's dating lives and relationships is so relatable because we've all been through it! We all want the same things in life!

It is that reason that a recent post on the internet is getting so much attention, because we are all rooting for love! So grab your popcorn, get real cozy, and allow me to spill the proverbial tea.

This past Sunday was a special day for Rachel Giles. She was hiking in the White Mountains with her family and she actually completed her final 4,000 footer in New Hampshire! But that wasn't the only special thing that happened that day. Rachel was out celebrating with her family at the Woodstock Inn and she asked a random dude to snap a photo of her with her friends/family. Rachel described this gentleman as tall with blonde/reddish hair and was "positively charming". and GET THIS: he was rocking the same exact hat as Rach! So of course the two bonded about being twinsies.

Here's the hat:

Rachel Giles via Facebook
Rachel Giles via Facebook

The ginger haired gentleman agreed to take the pic but before doing so he asked the very important and thoughtful question:

"Do you want this to be portrait or landscape?"

Rachel was shooketh to hear this question come out of his mouth! Most of her guy friends don't care that much when taking photos. They had a flirty exchange and at this point Rachel's crew was just staring in disbelief because the connection between these two was ELECTRIC! (boogy oogy oogy!)

Here is the pic he snapped:

Rachel Giles via Facebook
Rachel Giles via Facebook

Rachel thanked the mystery man and the two of them stared at each other and smiled while they walked back to their respective groups. (Can you handle how cute this is?! Because I can't!)

Her friends and fam asked if she got his number but she hadn't, it all happened so fast! Her mom even told her she overhead the mystery man say to his friends, “I just had the most incredible exchange!” AWWWWW!!


If they end up meeting and falling in love, we will know we played a small role in that and that's pretty dang cool.

This exchange happened at at Woodstock Inn Brewery on Sunday 10/10, at 4:30pm.

If you believe in a thing called love and have any information on this man please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at kira.lew@townsquaremedia.com.

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